Inish Eile Farm

I keep a flock of purebred Cotswold sheep on Pender Island. I have wonderful washed Cotswold fleeces available – both lamb fleeces and adult fleeces. I also have fleeces from purebred Cotswolds and part BFL. I have lovely combed tops from Cotswold lambs and also amazing worsted and semi worsted as well as woolen yarns from my sheep.

I specialize in fibre from purebred Rarebreeds.  It is both more work and expensive to keep purebred  rarebreeds as – in my case – one sacrifices a lot of the potential income from meat breeds.  My lovely Cotswolds are traditionally a dual purpose breed but they are slower growing because they devote a lot to their fibre.  We need to support purebred rare and heritage breeds so that we don’t lose biodiversity and lovely breeds of sheep.

Inisheile Farm
Pender Island, BC

Martha McMahon