Gun Barrel Canyon Farms

We produce yarns and are known for our specialty blends of Alpaca and Romney.
We raise registered Romney, Valais Blacknose and registered Scottish blackface. Fleeces available.

New in 2024: “Adopt a lamb program” where we present ( deposit only) the fibre of our lambs when it becomes available at shearing time. With the costs so high this year in just maintaining our animals, we felt we needed to do something different just to survive. This year our main focus will be on our Valais blacknose sheep. We have bred the Valais Rams to our very best registered Romney ewes. The resulting fibre from this cross has been exceptional and we feel one of a kind fibre. Currently we have 10 Valais lambs that have pure black fleeces. The moms of these lambs are from our colored rare line of Romney. A $10 deposit will hold the fleece for you come shearing time. We hope to shear the lambs in June. The lambs should have a 4 inch staple to their fleece. Already some of the lambs have over 2 inches. The lamb fleeces we are putting up for sale for 60 dollars for white and 70 dollars for black. This we feel is an incredible opportunity for people to experiment with the Valais fibre. We have no idea as of yet how many llbs each fleece will be but the animals are larger than normal for sheep. Each week we will feature 2 lambs and their stories. We hope that by developing a connection to these lambs they will give more meaning to the garments that are made.We do have a large collection of handspun yarns available as well.

The Sheep Shed / Gun Barrel Canyon Farms
Deb Pawlyshyn

last updated: June 2022