Francis O Vineyard

I became a shepherd because of Scottish Broom. Only two animals eat baby broom: sheep and goats. Every goat I’ve met has horns, so sheep is what I bought. Lamb is delicious, another plus. I had no background in farming anything but fell in love with sheep. In the past, I’ve overwintered over 25 sheep for breeding. I’m cutting back slowly as most shepherds I’ve met over 65, limp.

I have started to open my barn on shearing day to anyone interested in the experience. I have been so fortunate in having very experienced fibre artists join us. We now skirt fleeces and handle the fleeces with much more knowledge and care.

I have become a needle felter and have started washing my own fleeces and dyeing wool. There is no turning back; I love it.

Fleeces available, Dorset, Hampshire, and Suffolk.

Kris Welk
7392 Howard Road, Merville, BC
250 337 1944

last updated: January 2024