Service Raising Animals for Fibre

Lorrie’s Locks on Forage Farm

basket with white wool

We are Andy & Lorrie and we raise purebred Bluefaced Leicester and Gotland sheep for their lustrous fibre on our organic family farm. Here we are hands on with the flock providing shade and shelter, rotational grazing and supplemental goodies…

Millstream Miniature Llama Farm

herd of brown mini llamas on a grass field

Millstream Miniature Llamas is the first farm in Canada to breed and sell mini llamas. We first started our adventure in 1994 with Ccara llamas and then ventured into the minis in 2007. We sell our mini llamas and fibre.…

Genesta Farm

unwashed locks and combed fibre, both bluefaced leicester, sitting on top of a book open to a picture of a bluefaced leicester sheep on a sunny day

Bluefaced Leicester ewes, Charollais and Ile de France rams, mixed flock raised for fibre. Fleeces available after shearing in February or March each year. Genesta Farmowner: Helen Schwantjegenestafarm@shaw.ca250-710-60265460 Normandy Rd, Duncan, BC, V9L6G2 last updated: March 2024

FurryCreek Farm

A brown babydoll sheep and a white babydoll sheep on a green grass field with a brown fence in the background.

I breed and raise Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep. Raw wool fleeces in white and black are seasonally available. FurryCreek Owner: Don Smith(250) 12670 South Doole Road,Ladysmith, B.C.V9G 1J6 last updated: Mar 2024

Fiddlehead Farm

Fine Wools, Fleeces and Soaps. Cotswold, Shetland, Romney. Fleeces, roving, and yarn. Ila PatelGabriola, BCwww.fiddleheadfarm.cafiddleheadfarms@shaw.ca250-247-7885 last updated: March 2024

Inish Eile Farm

I keep a flock of purebred Cotswold sheep on Pender Island. I have wonderful washed Cotswold fleeces available – both lamb fleeces and adult fleeces. I also have fleeces from purebred Cotswolds and part BFL. I have lovely combed tops…

Islandia Farm

adult North Country Cheviot white sheep facing the camera.

Wool fibre and lamb. Fleeces from North Country Cheviot and Romney breeds. Processed fibre available late 2024. Islandia Farm believes in making the extra commitment to provide food using organic principals. Our production practices are strictly organic with absolutely no…

Sea Dog Farm

three alpacas (2 cream, 1 brown) resting on a pile of straw looking out the left side of the picture.

Drive to our stand on Hovey Rd (Saanichton) or stroll through Centennial Park to our walk up only stand. Our stands are always open and offer fresh, dried and freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and alpaca yarn. We also have…

Up A Creek Farm

Raising Angora goats for quality mohair since 2008. We have a plan to open a full fibre processing mill by the summer of 2027. Up A Creek Farm(250) 240-6668Qualicum Beach, last updated: Oct 2023

Top Notch Farm

We are a small farm located in Ladysmith BC. We raise purebred Romney sheep mainly for the fibre. We offer yarn, fibre, and raw wool. Ladysmith, last updated: June 2022