Conheath Farm

Nestled in the Kinsol  Valley of the Cowichan Valley is Conheath Farm established in 2001. I raise North Country Cheviot Sheep for their beautiful wool. The wool takes dye colours so cleanly that the colours seem true and clear. Once they are sheared, I clean, pick, card (I have a Pat Green Carder) and dye some of their wool for needle felting (the best), spinning (for sweaters and socks) or crafting (using your imagination.)

Knowing how difficult it is to obtain small amounts of coloured wool for projects I decided to specialize in providing small amounts (minimum 14 grams/1/2 ounce.) If your projects are larger you can have as much as you need. Customers include: doll makers, needle felters, spinners, quilters, pillow stuffers and foot care specialists. etc.

Being a small production shop, my wool processing results in a much different feel from commercially produced wool. This custom handled wool feels soft and lofty. It does not wet felt easily.

My dyeing process is as safe as possible (I don’t want to get ill either) using both commercial and nature dyes. The colours are unique. I don’t do large lots so please make sure you pick up enough of the colour you wish as it will not be possible to duplicate it. That is the exciting part of dyeing. I have done custom dyeing for customers. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes it is surprising.

This is my dream, to raise my own sheep and work with their wool. I am realizing joy and satisfaction from producing something both useful and beautiful for others to enjoy. I hope that you join in the enjoyment as well.

Conheath Farm
Heather Hanning
4342 Mountain Road, Duncan, British Columbia
250 746-7334

last updated: January 2024