Crowing Hen Farm

Crowing Hen Farm is a small, family farm off the left coast of Canada. We experiment with old knowledge and new techniques, trying new crops, new ideas, and dabbling in permaculture to find a new, sustainable way of growing food and clothing. Working with nature to reduce inputs like irrigation, we learn new things daily and are always happy to teach.

The animals are the lifeblood of the farm. Many come from rescue situations – snatched on the way to the abattoir or saved from abusive backgrounds. Each critter has a job on the farm according to its nature. Sheep and geese are tasked with mowing the lawn; chickens and ducks, pest management; goats are the invasive species removal crew; and the alpacas and llama guard against intruders.  ​

We sell handspun yarn, farm fresh fibre, and lambs.

Crowing Hen Farm
5705 West Saanich Rd Victoria, BC   V9E 2G1

last updated: Dec 2021