Spring 2024 Skill-Building Challenges

Continuing on from our Winter 2024 challenges of repurposing existing textiles and planning our dye gardens, we now have some new challenges for Spring. We’d love you to take on these challenges to learn new skills and become more comfortable sourcing your materials from our region. 

Participants are encouraged share their experiences via social media using #VIFibreshed and #VIFChallenge and in the Vancouver Island Fibreshed Facebook group, or via email to info@vancouverislandfibreshed.ca – we’ll share some of your photos and stories in the next newsletter and on blogs on the VIF webpage

For March through June 2024:

  • ‘Tis the season for FRESH Wool and Alpaca Fibre! Many sheep are shorn in the spring just before lambing. Keep an eye out for fleeces of your favourite breeds. For this challenge, it’s up to you whether you get your hands involved or just do research. What does it take to go from raw fleece to yarn? Can you do this yourself? What is different between doing the work by hand or sending your fibre to a mill?
  • Why not giving sewing a try? Carrying on from our winter challenge to refashion a textile, let’s take another step and make a garment from scratch. If you have never done any sewing, find someone who can show you, or check out some of the great YouTube videos available. Does your summer wardrobe need replenishing? Before you head to the store to purchase something new, look for fabrics around your house (unused curtains?) or check out a thrift shop fabric section. Find a pattern (there are some great ones available online) and make something to wear! (I am intrigued by Birgitta Helmersson‘s Zero Waste patterns.)

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more inspiration as the season progresses. Please let us know how things work out! Share your work via email (info@vancouverislandfibreshed.ca) or social media (#VIFibreshed and #VIFChallenge). Our Facebook group is open to all. Selected submissions will be posted in future blog posts.